Our services include feasibility and planning studies, campaign planning, strategic and operational consulting, as well as interim management.

Feasibility and Planning studies

A comprehensive study where we interview both internal and external key people to find out how best to proceed with a funding initiative. The Feasibility and planning study provides a good foundation to plan the initiative, and also creates a momentum for the continued process.

Strategic Review

A shorter internal study to create decision support and a plan to succeed with a funding initiative. It is often followed by an external phase where the internal ideas are ”market tested” against external key people.

Strategic workshops

A good way to quickly gain insights and to start formulating a joint vision among the key people in your organization.

Campaign planning and management

We help you to plan and execute a campaign with hands on support.

Prospect research

We help you to identify and create a plan for potential donors and supporters among individuals, private foundations and corporations.

Mid-campaign reinforcement

We help you during a campaign to strenghten your activities and reach your targets.

Strategic and operational consulting

Ongoing consulting towards leadership, advisory board or fundraiser.

Training and coaching

Training and coaching how best to work with fundraising, philanthropy and resource mobilization.

Interim management

One of our consultants is hired as an interim manager while you build up your own organization.


We help clients to recruit fundraising and development staff.