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Webinar on International Fundraising


As the interest in philanthropy and fundraising grows in the Nordic region, it is natural to think about the potential beyond your own borders. Some of the bigger donations to Nordic not for profit organisations also come from abroad, so this is a topic that deserves some special attention.


This webinar on international fundraising addresses questions like:

– What do you in general need to consider if your organisation wants to succeed with international fundraising?

– What can Nordic organisations learn from UK organisations that have worked with international fundraising much longer?

– What are the opportunities and challenges to do fundraising from US sources?


The webinar is aimed at all kinds of Nordic not for profit organisations: universities, charities/NGOs, and the cultural sector.

During the webinar we will get a presentation from three consultants in Brakeley’s international network who share their experiences on international fundraising: Claire Brownlie (based in UK), John Kelly (based in UK), and Gisela Keller (based in New York). You can read more about their professional backgrounds below.

The webinar will be held in English.

Registration and Prize


Participation is free for participants from not for profit organisations in the Nordic region. The prize for other participants is 1500 SEK + VAT.


Do you gave any questions about this event? Please contact Henric Södergren at henric.sodergren@brakeley.se or dial +46 70 730 78 20

The webinar is led by:


Claire (Kilner) Brownlie (based in UK) has worked with alumni relations and fundraising since 1996. Most recently she has been Director of Development and Alumni Engagement at the Queen Mary University of London. Previously she has worked at the University of Manchester, the University of Nottingham and the University of Sheffield.


John Kelly (based in UK) is a pioneer in British and European fundraising. Before becoming a consultant, John was the CEO of Regent’s College, London. As a fundraising and management consultant he has advised clients in many countries throughout the world, some large and some very small. He was the first consultant to introduce capital campaigns into several European countries including Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, France, Belgium and many others.


Gisela Keller (based in New York) has worked with leaders of global nonprofits, foundations and private companies all over the world. In recent years she has helped Helvetas, the largest Swiss-based international NGO, to enter the US market from scratch. Before her consulting career, Gisela was a program officer at the Goldman Sachs Foundation, Head of Public Affairs at Dresdner Bank, steering corporate philanthropy and Program Director at the Armonk Institute.




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